Chasm, an handy assembler


Chasm is an assembler desgin for writting assembler code easier than it use to be. Chasm bring some C like feature to the assember. Chasm add the following feature to assember: 1. C like flow control structur. 2. More powerful and general macro. please seealso doc/ for more infomation about Chasm.


Chasm is 100% write in python right now. You need python 1.5.2 or upper. Chasm will use the python2.0 readline module if avaliable. $ tar zxvf Chasm-0.0.1a.tar.gz $ cd Chasm-0.0.1a Install the Chasm package. $ python install Using chasm: $ python chasm chasm> You can try to input some instruction and see the output. That is how I do the debugging. compile a chasm source file: $ python chasm xxx.cas It will generate a xxx.nasm. This file can using nasm to compile.

Develope of Chasm:

Chasm is in it early stage. Not ready for real-life using yet. please see the doc/roadmap.html If you are using chasm or interesting in chasm developement. Please send me email: chrisl at gnuchina dot org. Any suggestion, feature request, ideas, patch will be welcome.

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